Sunday, July 30, 2017

Beer of The Week 30 - Small World 'Home from Holme'

One of the local breweries that seems to slip under my radar is Small World from Shelley. They have been brewing for a few years now on an industrial estate in the village but using natural spring water. They have a core range of beers and seasonal specials, and all are perfectly crafted, acceptable beers. They are a brewery that does not appear to want to push the brewing boundaries, and they have to be applauded for that; just brew decent, consistent beers, and they are.

Their latest offering 'Home from Holme' was recommended to me a couple of weeks ago, and I tried it then, and was very impressed. It is light coloured, almost straw like, bitter, at 4%. What I liked about it was the subtlety of the beer. A pleasant malt profile is balanced by Citra hops which give citrus and tropical hints to the flavour and lead to a smooth, refreshing finish.

If you want to sample it, the beer has become widely available locally this week I was trying it yesterday in The Star

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