Friday, July 21, 2017

Beer Of The Week 29 - Salopian 'Disintegration'

For a few weeks I have been bemoaning the dearth of decent beers to write about, this week has been the total opposite with new beers appearing every day which could take the weekly accolade. It does give me  plenty of choice for later weeks but eventually it was a no brainer as to the winner.

I had not really intended to call in Huddersfield on Thursday but circumstances took me there, and the trio of football shirts took me to St Georges Square (on display on the Railway Station), and obviously, as one does, a trip to the Kings Head was in order.

There, alongside a new Pictish beer - excellent in its own right, was Salopian 'Disintegration'.

What a superb beer. 5.1% with plenty of strength to give it balance it is a massively hopped beer - I am not quite which - that give it clean, fresh, and fruit notes. Each mouthful increases the fruit hit, and brings out subtleties in the brew that give underlying flavours as well.

I have published this today so that if you are near the Kings Head call in for a pint before I get back and finish it off !!

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