Sunday, July 09, 2017

Beer Of The Week 27 - Furnace Brewery 'Son Of Abyss'

This weeks choice is a little unusual. Firstly it is from new brewery, the first beer I have sampled from them, and consequently information is a little scarce; and secondly, I don't really like it. Let me explain.

Had I written this on purely personal terms I would have chosen either Mallinsons 'Hopburst' or 'Daniella' - both of which are excellent beers but my choice is based on the compliments that other people have made about it, despite my misgivings.

Furnace brewery from Derby have been brewing for less than 6 months at the pub of the same name. It was previously home to Shiny brewery but they have relocated and Furnace have started to brew. The first beer I have encountered from them was a little unusual.

'Son Of Abyss' is a vanilla mild but at 4.6% is on the strong side for a mild. There is plenty going on - sweeter rather than dry, no discernable hop flavours but a complex selection of malts makes for a pleasant mouth feel. And there is a distinct vanilla hit. If you want to sample it, it is on the bar in the Star.

I look forward to sampling further efforts from them.

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