Sunday, June 04, 2017

Beer Of The Week 22 - XT Xperimental CF127

This beer is a rare coup for the beer ticker. A totally new hop, so new that it has not even been named, in a single hopped beer. And on a local bar.

'XT Brewery' are based in Buckinghamshire and have been brewing since 2011. Their beers are seen fairly regularly in our area, readily identifiable by their having number rather than names. Their is an experimental arm at the brewery brewing under the 'Animal' name.

The Xperimental CF127 is a 4.2% beer. Brewed using a single hop, which I understand, but cannot confirm, has connections with the hop seller Charles Faram. It has a very fruity taste, and a distinct citrus aftertaste.

XT are not the only brewery to use the hop though, as soon there will be a Mallinsons version, which sounds like a classic.

At present the XT version is available on the bar at The Star at Folly Hall.

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