Friday, May 12, 2017

Beer Of The Week 19

Now this week, the beer has had a bit of competition. Trips out to Newcastle and the Three Pigeons Beer Festival have provided plenty of choice, not that I was drinking for pleasure, research only...Honest !!

But I had decided on my beer of the week on Monday in the Sportsman, and despite some really good beers, nothing knocked this one off its perch.

Wishbone from Keighley are a brewery I am a little ambivalent about. I have had some good beers from them and some less good but... I came across 'Night Star'. Only 3.7 % but superb. A mixture of Mosaic, Ahtahnum and Summit hops in a nicely balanced beer. Just far too drinkable. I am not sure if this is part of a series or just a one off but I would like to see it as a regular, preferably somewhere I drink regularly.

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