Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beer Of The Week - 7

This has been a bit of an odd week..none of the beers I have sampled have really hit the spot. I have not been selective, and tried a mixture of cask and keg, dark and light, strong and week but every thing seems a bit 'samey'. May be its me, or may be the time of year.

As our foreign cousins say - 'cellar V' (a prize to who can name the brewery who brewed that !) but....

I had to go shopping today, and as a treat I called at the Market Tavern in Brighouse...(a must visit pub if you have never been)...6 beers, 3 new ones...and a new Mallinsons as well..however my beer of the week was from over the border. I have sampled plenty of Squawk beers, some have hit the spot, others have been a little disappointing, but today the IPA (El Dorado/Mosaic) got the accolade of been of the week.

Searching Google for information about the brewery or the beer is not easy (at least not on my laptop!!) but I know they are from Manchester and produce plenty of decent beers. I have sampled many of their different styles in the recent past and cannot recall one I did not like. My slight criticism is that the pump clips are not the easiest to understand, but they give the basic important information. If you have never tried them, I thoroughly recommend them, whether on cask or keg, they are good. Just a shame they are Lancastrian !!

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