Thursday, February 09, 2017

Beer Of The Week - 6

 I generally wait until the weekend before I publish my beer of the week. This one was so good it was not going to be topped in the next couple of days. In fact, it is possibly the beer of the year let alone the beer of the week.

We have all been aware of Dark Star 'Hophead' for years and it has always been a decent, consistent beer. On occasions the brewery do single hop varieties of the beer, and yesterday in Tapped, Leeds I came across Hophead Mosaic. A good beer with an excellent hop, a win win situation, and at 3.8% a sensible quaffing strength.

If I find it locally I will publish the fact, and will try and badger local landlords to get hold of some. If not, get across to Leeds it is well worth trip..

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