Sunday, February 05, 2017

Beer Of The Week - 5

This week has been a little disappointing on the beer front, not much new around and what i found has been a little pedestrian to say the least.

However a visit to The Arcade on Friday provided with a couple of keg beers to spark two posts. The Beer Of The Week came from a brewery I had heard plenty of good things about but had never seen, let alone sampled. Deya 'Cala Deia' is described as a hoppy, wheat beer at 4%. And I cannot dispute any of those facts.

I thought a bit of research was required, so I checked out their website. This uses the words 'Hop forward, fresh, clean, intense' to describe their products. I found all this in the Cala Deia, but may be lacking slightly in the hop department. It was cloudy, but that was to be expected from a wheat beer, and the website confirms the beers are unfiltered.

Reading specifically about 'Cala Deia' explained about the hops. It goes for hop saturation, rather than hop intensity, and gives subtle rather excessive hoppiness, using Amarillo, Cascade and Yellow sub varieties.

I believe that other beers from the brewery are to be available at the Arcade, I will await their arrival with interest.

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Ale Ambler said...

I think I tried it on Friday night, on the far left of the keg lines? Nice beer. You've heard this often enough: I don't know why I go out drinking without my glasses on!