Friday, January 06, 2017

Beer Of The Week, Week One

This year I have decided that instead of a beer of the day, which I did throughout December, I would select a 'Beer Of The Week' . This should be a fairly achievable target I hope, so I have had the first week of the new year to road test the idea.

Quite frankly this year has started much the same as the last one finished, but I have a cold to throw into the mix which is affecting my taste slightly. It will not be a true reflection of a weeks beer since many pubs were not open for at least some of the week but I have managed to get around a few places to sample their wares.

I have sampled a mixture of cask and keg, and my first selection comes from the latter. The Sportsman has 'Somerset Wild' from the Wild brewery of Somerset on the taps there. It is an intense tasting beer. Sour but not excessively so, it is hard to pin down the underlying taste. The brewery website refers to homemade lemonade, I would not disagree but it has more depth than that.

What really made it special was the way the beer has been fermented, using locally harvested yeasts and bacteria, which gives it a touch of the Belgian Saison style.
It is 5%, so not overly strong. It comes highly recommended, (well at least by Robin and me !)

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