Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beer Of The Week - 4

This week saw Burns Night, so to celebrate the Scottish Bard I have chosen not one, but two, beers of the week from across the the border, both of which are excellent and are a complete contrast to each other. And both were available yesterday in the Victoria cafe in Halifax,

The weaker of the pair is a keg beer from 6 degree North. A brewery from Stonehaven in North east Scotland, their beers are almost always Belgian in style. I have had a few of their beer, and I am always impressed. This time their 'Pilsner' was on offer. Not usually my style but 4.8% made it a bit stronger than the usual lager fayre. It was an excellent version, fresh and crisp but with a certain softness. It was unfiltered, so a cloudy pilsner took a bit of getting used to.

To counter balance this was a strong dark beer that came from Black Isle brewery. They have been brewing since 1998, and aim to be organic in all their beers. They do produce kegs, but the 'Hibernator' I sampled was on cask. It was 7% and not shy on flavour. An oatmeal stout, it has all sorts of interesting background flavours going on. I managed to get coffee, chocolate, berries and licquorice hints out of my beer,

Should you struggle to find either beer, both can be found in bottles.

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