Thursday, December 22, 2016

On the 21st Day of Xmas...

Day 21 brought a trip to Halifax and Brighouse. Plenty of decent beers and decent pubs to visit.

Things started well with 6 new beers in the Victoria. Two of those could have been mine beer of the day, but I have chosen a cask beer over a key keg. This being from Black Jack.

They have been brewing in Manchester since 2012, and brew a range of beers - covering almost every style. I am not a fan of everything they have brewed but I really enjoyed their 5% 'Devils Bedpost'.  It was the first time I had encountered the beer but it has been around since 2014 apparently.

Not quite an IPA, not quite a bitter, it was difficult to define. It was light coloured, and pleasantly hoppy, there was no indication on the clip but I suspect they were Australian. It had a pleasant citrus taste without being overpowering.

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ShadowHider said...

It's hopped with Dr. Rudi, Moteuka & Ella.

So New Xealand and Australia.