Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to all our Readers

Merry Christmas to all our readers. It has been a challenging year personally for each of the editorial team and we are aware that we have not been able to post as frequently as we would have liked. However, we have all reached the end of 2016 intact - which is a miracle in itself watching the news - and will take 2017 head on. Trying to bring you updates on beers, breweries and pubs around our area.

Thank you for reading us. Any comments and suggestions are welcome, whether positive or otherwise.

Thanks Timbo, Ale Louse, Ale Ambler

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Neil Harvey said...

To all of you, many thanks for your posts. As Tim will know, I like to get to Huddersfield as often as I can, which, unfortunately, isn't as often as I'd like. Here's to a better 2017 to all of you, and no doubt see you as early as possible in the New Year! Neil Harvey