Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Connecting the dots

North Riding Mosaic Pale at Harry's Bar, Wakefield
CAMRA's pub of the season. Picture: GBK 
On Sunday I had my first proper session in ages. Well, since the last Star Beer Fest - and two weeks is a long time between drinks!
My beer journey in rural and central Sheffield last weekend saw me trying some good beers from the likes of Abbeydale, Thornbridge, Salamander, Howling Hops and a new brewery whose name escapes me - it was that sort of a session.
But there was one beer that I had no trouble recollecting as it stood out above some very good  ales.
My fan worship of all things out of North Riding Brewery and its brew pub in Scarborough is a matter of record on here. But I won't be changing the record any time soon as the Mosaic I had at The Kelham Island Tavern on Sunday was among my favourite drinks on cask this year. It's very easy to get reflective as the year end looms but I'll stand by that assessment, the mosaic was that good. 
I don't keep a record, so it's difficult for me to reel off a list of what I was drinking earlier in the year, but North Riding's name just keeps cropping up.
I was delighted to see not one, but two beers from the NRB stable on at the KIT. A dark IPA from its brew pub in Scarborough was on the bar with its paler colleague. The mosaic was up first and it was a shame it came towards the end of my session. It was the sort of beer I would have gladly built a session on. Take your pick of the hoppy adjectives, this beer was spot on in terms of taste and condition.
The black IPA followed. It was good but it's a beer style I've struggle to come to terms with no matter who is the brewer. I just can't get quite get my head around a dark India Pale Ale. I like to think I don't drink with my eyes. For example, I don't have any issues with hazy, unfined beers, but the Black IPA seems to be a mystery just out of my reach. But I'll keep trying.
But I've digressed, let's get back to North Riding's Mosaic Pale. It has cropped up twice more over the weekend. A tweet from the Sportsman in Huddersfield shows it has recently taken delivery of nine NRB beers, including Mosaic Pale.
and tonight I saw a tweet from @Gingerbeerking about Harry's Bar winning Wakefield CAMRA's latest pub of the season award. Among the presentation pictures was one showing it's dedicated NRB pump. I'll leave you to guess which beer was featured!

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