Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sessions at the North Riding Brew Pub, Scarborough

North Riding Brew Pub in Scarborough
A few days ago I had a holiday in Scarborough and had the opportunity to drink in lots of places that were new to me.
But truth be told I never managed to spread my wings as I became a regular, so to speak, at the North Riding Brew House on North Marine Road.
Now, we see quite a bit of Stuart Neilson's beer in Huddersfield, Sheffield and Wakefield. His ales are much admired by all of us at A Swift One. But I had never drunk at the fountainhead.
The pub is a stone's throw from Scarborough Cricket Club and a good javelin throw from the sea.
There are two bars. The front bar, or the snug, features a few handpulls and plenty of seating. 
The back bar is more spacious and has a longer bar, a pool table and a large screen TV.
On my first visit there were cask ales from Blue Bee, Revolutions North Riding and several others. On keg there were ales from Kernel, a wheat beer from Bad Seed (I think) and North Riding's American Pale Ale, which was one of the best kegged beers I've had.  I wish I could tell you the percentage and the hops but all I can tell you was it about 4.5% and I could have drunk much more if it hadn't of run off.
That became something of a recurring theme during my visits: the speed that North Riding's beers ran off. And no, before you ask, I wasn't a major contributing factor, as I had a fair bit of ambling to do along the Cleveland Way and had to have a clear head on those paths with precipitous drops down to the sea.
The reason for the quick turnover of ales was simply this is a popular pub. It was busy on most of the nights I was in there.
On my second visit I went for Symphony of the Night, which I think was brewed in the pub rather than the bigger NRB site at East Ayton, which is distinguished by the more modern pumpclips. I also tried their Citra and Yojimbo,which was nearly 6%.
,Just as I thought it couldn't get any better, the third day yielded NRB's Belma which was so good I had to return to it. Next came a beer I had trouble pronouncing, Iudex Gundyr, which thanks to Google I now know may be a reference to computer game character.
My final night continued the upward curve of good sessions. I'd been waiting a day or two for a beer from the larger North Riding Brewery called Dandelion & Burdock, which recalled the pop drink of my youth both in taste and smell. And it had a pleasing kick at 4.5%. I thought that was going to cap my visit only for it to be upstaged by the brew pub's Peasholm Pale. It features Citra hops and its ABV is 4.3%. This was the unfined version. I was told the brewery had done a few unfined beers to bring out more taste. I had nothing to compare it to but can only say, in simple terms, that it was one of the best beers I'd had in a long while. I didn't care if it was slightly hazy, not when it tasted as good as that. I only wish I'd seen it earlier that evening and had tried the 'normal' version so as to gauge any difference. But once again I'd missed it earlier in the week because I was so engrossed in other interesting ales from the brew pub and from the new brewery.
If you are in Scarborough do make a trip up North Marine Road because you won't regret it. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

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Timbo said...

One of the best brewers rarely get a less than wonderful North Riding beer..but up to press I have never drunk them at the North Riding, something I shall endeavour to alter soon