Monday, August 22, 2016

The Rose & Crown, Cleckheaton

As a beer enthusiast, I have been drinking in most parts of Kirklees and Calderdale, but yesterday I broke my duck in visiting a pub I had never previously visited, in a town which I have rarely visited. It all resulted from a chat in a pub a while ago (like all good things do!).

The Rose and Crown is in Cleckheaton, (centrally sited in Westgate) and my reason for visiting was that it is a brew pub - and one that had managed to slip under my radar.

Externally it boasts that it is 17th century pub, and internally it does little to dispel that with flagged floors and lowish ceilings. I assume it has gone through periods of renovation though. There seems to be an emphasis on food, especially on a Sunday, but the bar boasted around half a dozen draught beers, and much to my delight, two (I think,I will explain) from the in house brewery.

The Whitechapel brewery is situated at the rear of the pub across a small yard, and a list on the brewery wall is a testament to the brewery output. I believe, although I cannot confirm, that this now the site of the Haworth Steam Brewery as well. There was one of each brewery's beer on the bar. The latter slightly darker and more traditional but both very drinkable. And at £2.60 a pint - a bargain.

The pub is open 12 noon daily (I am unsure about Monday and Tuesday though) and it promises that its own brewery beers will always be available there. It is just as well because I have never seen the Whitechapel beers anywhere else. The food menu looks excellent and there are plenty of bus links to Cleckheaton, with a bus stop just outside the pub.

There is also a beer festival promised towards the end of October. I will certainly be there.

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Mark said...

I was just checking out to see if the Rose and Crown, Cleckheaton had been in the news lately when i came across your blog :)

I did help out Andy in the Micro-Brewery out back from Oct2015 to June2016 and can correct you on a couple of things.

First of all the Micro-Brewery goes under the name of Haworth Steam Brewery due to been established at the Bistro in Haworth for several years, then due to it growing bigger it moved to behind the Rose and Crown. The Whitechapel name is a Brand of the Brewery seen as it's in Cleckheaton in which myself have Brewed under which i brewed Snaggletooth, Panther Porter, Stolen Station among a few others.

Now the times are as follows:

Bar times are:- mon-sat 12pm-11pm
sunday 12pm-10.30pm

the food times however are:- mon-thurs 12pm-3pm then 5pm-9pm
fri-sat 12pm-3pm
sunday 12pm-7pm

i hope this info clears some things up :)