Thursday, August 18, 2016

Beer Of The Day - Hydes ' Lebelski'

One of the more traditional of the breweries from ovr th' hill in Manchester is Hydes. They have been producing beer since 1863 and when I first encountered them they were very traditional. However they have become more experimental in the recent past and now produce a fascinating selection of beers.

They have a side brewery called Beer Studio which provides a selection of their seasonal beers but I am more interested in the range they brew under the Provenance umbrella. These are suually single hopped beers using ingredients from a specific country. Some have been available locally in Wetherspoons.

The most recent addition to the range was lurking in a pub in Manchester yesterday so I had to sample it. 'Lebelski' is 4.4% and brewed with the Polish Lubiner hop. This is matched with Flagon malt to produce a very interesting beer. It is difficult to pin down a definitive flavour but there are hints of citrus, subtle bitterness, and soft malts all blending together to create a very drinkable offering.

It may be that it may not make it across the Pennines but if it does it is well worth a try.

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