Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beer Of The Day - Wild Beer Co 'Millionaire'

One of the beers available on the main bar at the Star beer festival, and the one that seemed to be selling well was Wild Beer 'Millionaire'. Admittedly it did divide opinion but those that liked it, loved it.

The brewery are from the South West but their beers are often seen around in our area, and I must confess I have encountered this previously.

It is a 4.7% milk stout. Nothing unusual there I hear you say. Except....cocoa nibs, caramel, and Cornish Sea salt combine to create something different. Sweet and savoury mix with a background of roast and chocolate malts. It tastes decadent, and is a perfect beer for the end of a session.

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Anonymous said...

First tried this last year and it rapidly went into my top 3 beers of all time. It's stout heaven.