Sunday, July 03, 2016

Beer Of The Day - Vocation 'Chop and Change - Ella'

I have written in glowing terms before of  Vocation brewery, a recently started brewery at Hebden Bridge, that has hit the ground running and is producing excellent beers.

One of their ranges of beers is 'Chop and Change'. All the range are 4.5% and use the same base beer but with the single hop changing regularly. They are not easy to track down, such is their popularity that often when I hear of them being available in a pub, on my arrival they have run off.

I was fortunate on Friday when I called in the Market Tavern in Brighouse to find 'Chop and Change - Ella' on the bar. It was an excellent beer, clear, fresh and displaying the characteristics of the Ella hop at its best - with the fruity, floral hints to the fore.

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