Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beer Of The Day - Thornbridge 'Wye'

Those of you who have read my drivel over the years may have heard me wax lyrical about Thornbridge Wye.

I have had it loads of times. I shouldn't like it. But for some bizarre reason I Do.

4.7% and light..sounds ok..cucumber...(pardon) a beer

In a beer I hear you say. How it actually got there is beyond me, but that may be science and that is not my speciality.

I have checked the brewery website without success and also read several other 'beer' websites. This is a marmite either love it or hate it..but why don't you read the pump clip before you buy it and complain it tastes of cucumbers !!

But if you see it you may be quite impressed..I am

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Tandleman said...

Saw it at Hawkshead but with no tasters allowed..........