Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Grayston Unity, Halifax

 I called in a pub new to me today and, by coincidence, found our first beer of the week on the bar there. I had heard good things about the 'Grayston Unity' in Halifax, but it has been my first opportunity to call in and take a look - in the interests of research obviously.

It is one of the new breed of bars, the Micro Pub. Sited a couple of minutes walk from Halifax Bus Station, across from the Town Hall at 1-3 Unity Court. This in itself is a 19th century building and the bar is a small two roomed unit on the ground floor. It has limited opening hours with full days opening on Friday, and Saturday. It is closed Monday and opens at 4pm the rest of the week, except for 1pm on Sunday.

The door opens into the bar area, small but adequate, and the bar is sited at the far end. There were three draught beers, four key keg beers and  Berliner lager on tap on my visit. Goose Eye 'Chinook Blonde' (ironically) is their regular beer, with other offerings from Wishbone, and Elland on the pumps. I did not take as much notice of the key kegs but did sample an excellent one from Mad Hatter. All were reasonably priced .

There is tea and coffee available, and a basic snack selection with pork pies and samosas if you need sustenance.

There is a larger separate room through from the bar and is pleasant and comfortable, as well as a small outside rear seating area. Music is also a feature with occasional live events arranged by Michael, the owner, who has had years of experience in the industry.

So, if you are at a loose end and in Halifax, call in and give it a go. It will certainly be an addition to my route round the town now

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