Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beer Of The Day - Phoenix 'Midsummer Madness'

Today I am heading over the Pennines again for my beer of the day. Not a beer from the plethora of new breweries that have sprung up in the Manchester but one from one of the more established breweries. And not one of their flagship beers either.

Phoenix brewery is based at Heywood, near Rochdale, and  has been brewing since the mid 1980's .. It acquired its name as it rose from the ashes of the Oak brewery, and is a brewery whose beers I always enough. It does have 'flagship' brands, such as Arizona, and Wobbly Bob, and these are not difficult to find in our part of the world but today I am focusing on 'Midsummer Madness'.

As it suggests it is a seasonal beer, available around this time of year obviously. It is 4.5% and a light coloured beer. It is not as hoppy as some of the breweries other offerings, but it more than makes up for that with a pleasant malt background and a good balance of hops leading to a citrus tang with hints of floral aromas, and a long dry finish.

I came across it in The Market Tavern in Brighouse.

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