Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beer Of The Day - Elland 1872 Porter

Today I have chosen one  of the most successful beers of recent times as my beer of the day. Few beers in the recent past have gained as many awards as Elland '1872 Porter'.

It claimed its first award back in 2004, but really reached its peak in the 2010's being three time winner of the Champion Winter Ale, and the ultimate accolade, Camra Supreme Beer of Britain in 2013.

So it must be good. It is a strong ruby porter,(obviously); it is English hopped but the real star of the beer are the four malts and the way they are used to provide complex depth and flavour. At is best they bring out notes of deep red wine, bitter chocolate, and coffee.

It is apparently based on an original 1872 recipe hence the name.

Locally it is fairly widely available, but is an almost regular at the Cherry Tree, and seems to be a fixture at the newly opened Plumbers.


Jibber said...

A quick plug for Martin Ogley, the brewer responsible for bringing us 1872 Porter. He now runs 'Drink?' in Market Street, Hebden Bridge (nearly opposite the Old Gate pub). He has bottles beyond your wildest dreams, and in addition, has two hand pumps and four key kegs.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't the brewer, he was merely the brewery manager.
Dave Sanders is the brewer to my knowledge who created the recipe, which has been further tweeted by the current head brewer .