Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Plumbers finally opens its doors

For what appears to have been an eternity we have walked to the bus station in Huddersfield and seen workmen outside the Plumbers Arms. We have been taunted by various suggestions of when the pub would reopen, and more so by the sign outside suggesting it will be a 'Real Ale Pub'. I was just bemoaning the fact that it was still closed yesterday as I walked past, and as I was having a crafty squint through the windows to see what was occurring a very kind young lady opened the door.

It was just 1pm, and I was the first customer of the revamped pub.

What did I find ? Firstly, I must say that it is impressive. It has been totally gutted and stripped back to the bare brickwork inside, and the central bar island serves both sides of the pub. There is also a lot of bronze (colour) around the bar, with the metal bar top and industrial piping to the fore.

It feels fresh and clean, as would expected, and was a pleasant way to while away a bit of time, and as I was in the pub, other people had seen the door open and soon there was quite a crowd inside.

There are 8 beer lines for the real ale drinker, plus a cider line, and alongside the common or garden lager lines there are also a few craft beers, (but I never jotted them down), On the real ale side were Taylors Landlord, Mallinsons, Elland '1872 Porter', Cheshire Brewery 'Gap' and a new brewery from Halifax called 'Felix'.

I had left with the intention of returning later and taking some photos and more copious notes but I failed so the above been scripted from memory.

Reference to an article earlier in the week in the 'Examiner' reveals that there are plans for accomodation upstairs in the pub, and a food menu will be introduced in time, and in the future the adjoining property to the right may even be converted to a wine bar.

It looks to be  a welcome addition to Huddersfield's ever growing real ale scene, and is somewhere to while away the time while waiting for a bus.

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