Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Bottle Shop Opens In Huddersfield

This is just a brief post to advise readers, especially those of a bottled beer disposition, that a new bottle shop has opened on Station Street in Huddersfield town centre.

It is called 'Arcade Beers' and is situated - not in an arcade - but on the right hand side of the street (coming from St Georges Sq) almost opposite Mitchells Butchers. I called in briefly yesterday and can confirm it seemed well stocked with English and Foreign bottles, as well as having a couple of keg beers on draught.

Time constraints prevented me taking a proper look but I will be back to give readers a decent overview of what is on offer.

It is closed Sunday and Monday. Open from 1100 - 2000 hrs every other day, except for Friday and Saturday when it will close at 2300 hrs.

Good luck to them.

1 comment:

Dave Pattern said...

Been in a few times and have been very impressed by the range on offer :-)

Suspect they've taken the name from the fact the shop's part of the Byram Arcade building?