Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Is Coming....At Least According to The Brewers

It seems Christmas is on the horizon. Funny, I seem to recall this happening about the same time last year as well. And the year before et seq, et seq.

I am not a great fan of the festive season as you may have guessed. Especially in the way it upsets my drinking habits. Pubs are full of drinkers, most are over 'enthusiastic' but others are part time. Both are a pain and get in my way when I want to order a beer. There are changes to opening times, bus times and both make organising my pub visits more complicated. And then there are the beers as well..and the festive names that they are lumbered with.

I am fan of the light, hoppy beers. And a simple name to go with them. But it is the time of year when brewers seem to want to empty the contents of their spice cupboard into their mash tun. I am happier if these concoctions are well signed on the pump clip - then I can avoid them. I am less happy when there is a beer called 'Happy Christmas' or whatever, with absolutely no warning of its contents. It sneaks up on me and I end up with a mouthful of cloves, cinnamon, or some other equally inappropriate spice, which I do not want and buggers my taste up for the rest of the day.

They should come with government health warning. Or be sold only to once a year drinkers, that should sort them out.

Even the beer names this Christmas seem to have been rather uninspired (or should that be un-mince-pired!!). 'Jolly Holly' sounds pleasant but was uninteresting, 'Mistletoe' was scarily green, 'Spice Cracker' was what it said on the tin, and 'ChristmasKitty' was downright wrong. I have not found a really impressive name this year (yet) , and certainly none than is as good as 'It Looks Like Rain Deer' (looked better on the pump clip admittedly but think you get the picture), which was about a few years back.

Anyway enough of this drivel. Hope yu all have a hoppy Christmas and an even hoppier New Year. And Santa brings all the bottle conditioned beers you need to keep you going over the festive season


Timbo said...

The above post was partly tongue in cheek, so if anyone who loves Xmas is offended I am sorry. But I still cannot wait for January 3rd when life returns to normal

Steveg said...

...spare a Humbug for a poor festering curmudgeon, kind sir?

Ale Ambler said...

Strangely, I've not seen many Christmas beers this year & it's not for the want of trying.
See you the other side of Christmas down The Star.

Geoff Wignall said...

Compliments of the season (or is that seasoning in Tim's casE and once again, thanks for the blog guys.
Keep up the good work next year.

Sapphire Blue