Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Wood Street Beerhouse opens

The title is not strictly accurate as the Wood Street Beerhouse has actually been open for about a fortnight, but now seems a suitable time to champion its work.

It is housed in the premises that used to be the Hand Drawn Monkey bar on Wood St, Huddersfield (about a five minute walk from the railway station) . The place has been repainted and is in the process of being spruced up to make it a pleasant bar to while away an hour or so.

It has 4 draught beers on the bar, on my visit this included two from Mallinsons, and all were in good condition, along with around 8 key keg lines providing beer from far and wide, and all are reasonably priced.

There now no connection between the bar and the Hand Drawn Monkey brewery, so although their beers may occasionally appear as guests they will not feature permanently on the bar.

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Jibber said...

We visited recently. Friendly staff and a good selection of beers (and I understand, consideration is being given to re-introducing the 10% CAMRA discount)

My only gripe is the continued 'deconstructed' look of the place - something between a scruffy student flat, a 1970's student union building and a BrewDog pub. We got the distinct impression, as the reggae music blared out, that we were probably not the target market (by about 40 years!)

Nevertheless, a good pit stop between the East and West of town.