Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Huddersfield Oktoberfest beckons

Huddersfield CAMRA's Oktoberfest is nearly upon us.
The event at The Apna Venue Leisure Centre on Spring Grove Street runs from Thursday, October 1 until the following Saturday night.
Expect at least 75 ales, some ciders, memorabilia and hopefully curry in the corner like last year.
I'm looking forward to trying and finding out more about new Meltham brewery, The Three Fiends. 
Huddersfield CAMRA and the BFH have kindly been in touch with the beer list in two different formats. Click on the pictures to enlarge the tasting notes or view the easy to read basic list below. 

Abbey Dale Gazmalti 6.0
Blue Bee Attack of the Geek 6.0
Blue Bee Ginger Beer 4.5
Bradford Brewery Lost in New York 5.3
Bradford Brewery Pi 5.0
Brass Castle Burnout 5.8
Brass Castle Life’s A Beach 3.6
Bridge Brewery American Pale 4.0
Bridge Brewery Vanilla Stout 5.2
Briggs Signature Ales Rhapsody #2 4.2
Briggs Signature Ales Techno 4.2
Briscoe Chevin Best 3.9
Briscoe Otley Gold 3.9
Empire Brewing Hansome Jack 4.1
Empire Brewing Moonraker Mild 3.8
Empire Brewing Veteran’s Ale 4.2
Empire Brewing White Wolf 4.4
Fernandes Black Voodoo 5.1
Fernandes Kaiser 4.3
Five Towns Mi Usual 3.7
Five Towns Middle Un 4.6
Golcar Brewery Dark Mild 3.4
Golcar Brewery Town End Bitter 3.9
Goose Eye Brewery Blackmoor 4.0
Goose Eye Brewery Chinook 4.2
Goose Eye Brewery Over & Stout 5.2
Half Moon Brewery F’Hops Sake 3.9
Half Moon Brewery Iceni 4.3
Hand Drawn Monkey BT Extra Special Pale Ale 4.2
Hand Drawn Monkey Dark Wit 6.0
Hand Drawn Monkey Simiango Chilli 4.8
Here Be Monsters Berzerker #63 4.0
Here Be Monsters Blonde Fury 4.9
Magic Rock High Wire 5.5
Magic Rock Simpleton 3.0
Magic Rock Villainous 6.5
Mallinsons Amazons Attack! 5.2
Mallinsons Baton Rouge 4.3
Mallinsons Chinook 4.0
Milltown Brewery Black Jack 4.5
Milltown Brewery High Tackle 4.0
Milltown Brewery Platinum Blonde 4.0
Nook Brewhouse Cherry Stout 5.2
Nook Brewhouse Funky Banana 4.5
Nook Brewhouse SIPA 3.8
Nook Brewhouse Tiger Moth Porter 4.2
North Riding Citra 4.5
North Riding Golden Years 5.6
Old Mill Brewery Traditional Mild 3.4
Old Mill Brewery Yorkshire Porter 4.4
Ossett Brewery Best of British 4.5
Ossett Brewery Victoria 4.0
Phoenix Heywood Wobbly Bob 6.0
Quirky Ales Long Hop 5.2
Quirky Ales Quirky Blonde 4.2
Rat Brewery Number of the Rat 6.66
Rat Brewery Nurse Rached 3.8
Rat Brewery Rat Haus 4.8
Rat Brewery Sepp Ratter 4.4
Reedley Hallows Griffin IPA 4.7
Reedley Hallows Nook of Pendle 5.0
Riverhead Damson Mild 3.7
Riverhead Dunkel 5.4
Small World Beers Autumn Bank 3.7
Small World Beers Long Moor Pale 3.9
Small World Beers Thunderbridge Stout 5.2
Snaggletooth American Pale Ale 3.8
Snaggletooth Rolling Maul 4.1
Summerwine Oregon 5.5
Summerwine Teleporter 5.0
Summerwine Wingman 4.6
Three Fiends Little Devil 5.3
Three Fiends Two Faces 4.0
Three Kings Devils Advocate 4.1
Three Kings Low Lights 3.9
Vocation Brewery Chop & Change 4.8
Vocation Brewery Pride & Joy 5.3
Everything else you need to know is on the Huddersfield CAMRA site: http://goo.gl/39fAi4
I'll post a review after opening night (6pm) on Thursday. 
If you've not been before the venue is close to The Grove, the new sports centre and Huddersfield bus station.

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