Friday, July 03, 2015

Pump Room is no more

There are those of us of a certain age who used to look forward to the annual Pump Room Festival at Halifax. A nice boozer, run by nice people with a decent selection of beers; a good stop off between The Three Pigeons and Dirty Dicks. Been past today and it is no more - well, that's not totally correct, the right hand bar is just about standing but the rest of the building has been bulldozed.

Thanks progress for you. Rumour has it that this is going to be a shopping complex - I, for one, don't want another *****ing shopping complex, I never visit the one's we have.

Please someone, before you rip the a**e out of another decent pub, just think, in whose benefit is it. Because I am certain it won't be mine.

Ps Why don't they flatten lager pubs ? Just a thought

There is a photo to attach if I can get my phone to sort itself.

Unhappy Timbo

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