Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fruit Beer Revisted

A little while ago I had a small complaint about brewers brewing fruit beers that tasted synthetic, now it is time for me to eat humble - fruit - pie. Since I wrote the previous post I have encountered more fruit beers, and some of them have been excellent, so I feel I need to redress the balance.

Bradfield brewery have been around for about a decade now, and do produce the occasional fruit beer. I came across their 'Plim Bitter' in the Kings Head, at 4.4% it was a plum colour (surprisingly !) and had a good balance of hop and fruit, and was very drinkable. Belleville 'Thyme Square' was not exactly fruit, but was an interesting use of the herb to produce a light beer, with a pronounced nose. The taste could be classed as overpowering if you do not like that sort of thing, but I found it clean and refreshing and shocked myself by even having a second, and third one.

This was on the bar at the Grove at the same time as Thornbridge 'Wye' which is a cucumber beer that they have brewed previously. Again, maybe cucumber is an acquired taste, but I find it works very well in the beer giving a unique taste. Another love it or hate it is rhubarb. And I found it in Yorkshire Heart 'Rhu-Bar Beer' - the clue was in the name - and I have never encountered a beer with such a pronounced rhubarb flavour. I am in the love it camp, and found it well crafted and very moreish.

So maybe I was a little premature in my previous post, or may be I have just found beers to redress the balance, or more likely these have been brewed with the 'real' thing rather than a synthetic substitute. It certainly makes a difference.  

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