Friday, February 27, 2015

Candlebar Leeds

Work continues apace to ensure Ossett Brewery's latest venture is ready to open mid-April.

Housed on the ground floor of Candle House in the regenerated Holbeck/Granary Wharf district of Leeds, Candlebar will concentrate on craft (keg) beers and wine whilst the neighbouring Hop (also owned by the company and a mere two minute walk away) will continue to champion cask. There will however be a concession to hand-pulled die-hards at the new establishment with a single pump offering a beer from the micro FER-RA-RI range.

As far as we know the bar will open to the public on the evening of Friday 17th April with a VIP invite night on the Thursday.


Discerning Drinker said...

Disappointing to learn that Candlebar will be predominately keg.

Terry Collmann said...

Then you're not the "discerning drinker" you claim to be. There are plenty of very fine craft keg beers around, and an awful lot of rubbish cask.

Anonymous said...

Very excited to check out the wood fire pizzas!