Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another new Hophead hits Town

Dark Star is a brewery that has been around for quite a while, starting brewing in 1994 in the Evening Star in Brighton. It has grown gradually since then and moved sites a couple of times, and I have always appreciated the beers. They are often seen around our local pubs, and for a time there was a dedicated pump at the Grove showcasing the ever-changing range. 

In the recent past however they have been a little more difficult to find, so when I came across one of the brewery's distinctive pump clips on the bar at the Sportsman  it would have been churlish to pass it by. A closer examination revealed some thing a little special though. It was not just the usual 'Hophead' but a pinky-purple clip with the word 'Vic Secret' strap-lined across it. It was in fact one of the occasional 'Hophead' specials made with different hops. Even more reason to sample it.

The beer was excellent, as expected, and the hop interesting. I had never heard of it. Vic Secret is apparently a new variety from Victoria in Australia. It has been in production since 2011 but only grown large scale since 2013, and is of the same style as Galaxy and Topaz (in fact it's parents are the same as Topaz). 

Tastewise it is fruity and has hints of fresh pine but I detected a background earthyness, and for those who may need to know, it has a high alpha acid content of around 15%. 

So if you are a 'Hophead' maybe this is another to add to your list, and may be we will see it used more widely in the future. In the meantime should you wish to try it, get off down the Sportsman before it runs off, or before I get back there. 

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Citra said...

Vic Secret was OK, but in my opinion the previous 2 yrs efforts were much better, Galaxy, followed by Simcoe and Ahtanum.