Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Mallinsons are going a bit experimental

Readers of 'A Swift One' will be well aware of our affection for Mallinsons beer, an affection that seems to be held by lots of others as well judging how quickly it seems to fly off local bars. We are well aware of their usual style - light, hoppy and around 4%. But recently things seem a little different, and the next month or so will bring us styles from them that seem a little unusual.

A scan of their excellent web site gives a hint of things to come. Of course there are the usual styles in there, such as their single hopped 'Galaxy' and 'Motueka', and their dual hopped 'Bravo Nelson' - all beers to look out for obviously. But also in the mix are 'US Mild' (and I quote the tasting notes from their website) 'Dark brown...slightly roasted with hints of citrus hops'; their first red ale 'Baton Rouge' .4.3% and brewed with US Calypso and Citra hops; and the most surprising, 'Spruce Goose'. Nothing unusual in the notes 'fresh fruity and tropical aroma, and the strong fruity hoppy flavour' but the strength certainly is. This is 6.3%, a massive hike in strength for them. The strongest beer I recall that they have brewed has been in the mid 5% range.

Add to this their latest bird beer 'Saw Sharpener' brewed with the new Belma hops, and we have a range of beers that should cover every palette, and put to bed the comments that Mallinsons can only brew one type of beer. I can hardly wait. 

If you want to sample them then I suggest visits to the Sportsman, Star or Rat and Ratchet may prove beneficial. That is unless I get there before you !! 


Anonymous said...

Mallinsons (and Offbeat) are taking over the bar at Brigantes in York for the evening of Friday 14th November. Believe the brewsters themselves will be present. Hopefully, so will some of those new beers!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Brigantes battle. Spruce Goose Baton Rouge and US Mild will all be on! Plus two others.