Friday, October 10, 2014

Richard Horn - A Great Fellow

Given that I was only speaking to him last week, it gives me great sadness to report the passing of a good friend, Richard Horn. He was found recently at his home in Hall Bower, Huddersfield.

I got to know Richard through Bob Tomlinson and the Huddersfield branch of CAMRA. As an active member of the branch he was always heavily involved with organizing things and worked tirelessly to that end. Just this week he was to be found beavering away, playing his part in making the CAMRA Oktoberfest a great success. A long time resident in the Hall Bower area, Richard was always a keen supporter of his local club in Hall Bower and played a key role in making the annual beer festival there a big hit every year.

Richard loved his real ale and was always to be found with a smile on his face, laughing and joking. Generously, he helped me out on several occasions by allowing me to stay at his house so that I could attend evening events in the area. Just the other day, without prompting, he helped me out in a time of need when I lost my wallet. A kind and generous man indeed.

He was the only chap to call me the "Man from Hull" rather than "Bloke from Hull" - a nice touch old bean.

Richard - we shall miss you, but will raise a glass to you soon.

Goodbye Hornblower old chap.




Anonymous said...

How sad to hear of Richards passing.

I knew Richard and his mum and dad many years back, when we both frequented the local pubs in Newsome while involved with the local Scout Band.

I remember him being a hero when he saved a colleagues life when a trailer overturned at their place of work.

On talking to him about he just said I did what I had to do!

Farewell Richard - Have a pint for me I will raise a glass to you.


Gill said...

What a lovely tribute to Richard. Thanks 'Man from Hull'. CAMRA played a very important role in Richard's life following his retirement and it comforting to know that he is greatly missed. Next time we are up, we will head to the Star and raise a glass in his memory.
(Richard's niece)