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Oktoberfest moves onto Wakefield

There is no escaping Oktoberfest in Wakefield this weekend. 
The Merrie City boasts not one but two German-themed beer jaunts.
The Cricketers Arms in Horbury is staging a three-day Oktoberfest from Friday. 
The event at Cluntergate will feature more than 40 beers, music and German themed food.
And Hamelsworde Brewery is staging an Oktoberfest in Hemsworth on Friday and Saturday.
There is a "to date" beer list, ticket, venue and session information over on the Hamelsworde site:
I'll leave you with the beer list and tasting notes for The Cricketers' event in Horbury, which is just over two miles from Wakefield city centre. From Huddersfield bus station catch the 231 or 232 bus, which stops nearby.
1. Bosuns (Horbury) – Under Full Sail – A lager style beer which is crisp, refreshing and well rounded. Brewed with Saaz hops and lager malt. ABV 4.5% (Festival Bar)
2. Riverhead (Huddersfield) – Marzden – A smoked, Bavarian style wheat beer lightly hopped and full bodied. ABV 4.5% (FB)
3. Partners (Dewsbury) – Bock - A very strong beer which was traditionally brewed in the fall and aged through the winter for consumption in the spring. A strong, malty beer with a mild hop flavour and a gentle aroma. ABV 6.5% (MAIN)
4. Ilkley (Ilkley) – Man from D.U.N.K.E.L. - Dark dark dark brown as the word Dunkel suggests. Mildly sweet from the use of Vienna Malt, balanced from the roasted barley with a smoked nose from the beech smoked malt. ABV 6.0% (MAIN)
5. Empire (Huddersfield) - Cricktoberfest - Dry hopped special Amber ale, Balanced with just as much malt as hops, giving this beer lots of flavour. ABV 5.1% (FB)
6. Elland (Elland) - White Prussian - An extremely pale beer with a moderately spicy aroma from three German hops, giving a crisp, clean flavour. ABV 3.9% (FB)
7. Rat Brewery (Huddersfield) - Ratwurst - Rich, smooth dark and smoky. Brewed using German beech-smoked malted barley and hopped with English Goldings for a mellow spicy hop aroma. ABV 4.8% (FB)
8. Abbeydale (Sheffield) - Munich Dunkel - Brewed with a traditional lager yeast. It has come out slightly lighter than a normal Dunker but still has all the flavours you would expect. ABV 4.8% (MAIN)
9. Mallinsons (Huddersfield) - Sitzung Blass Bier (Session Pale Ale 6) - Pale gold with a light hop nose, refreshing bitter taste and short bitter finish. ABV 3.7% (MAIN)
10. Great Heck (Gt Heck) - Amish Mash - A fusion of European & American beer styles. A German Style cloudy wheat beer brewed with wheat malt & German Weizen yeast. Hopped with loads of American hops late in the boil and during fermentation. ABV 4.7% (MAIN)
11. Hamelsworde (Pontefract)– Sprockhoevel - A malty amber ale brewed in the true Oktoberfest style. Using 6 continental malts and subtly hopped with German hops. A strong Malty backbone dominates the aroma and a gentle spice and black pepper aftertaste ABV 5.1% (FB)
12. Roosters (Knaresborough) - Der Kaiser - A Bavarian-style pale ale, using hops from Germany & Czech Republic. Pilsner and Munich malts, with a small amount of malted wheat combine to create a beer that displays traditional noble pilsner aromas and a soft level of bitterness. ABV 4.8% (MAIN)
13. Lymestone (Stone)- Ein Stein – combination of pale Maris Otter malts and choice German hops give you a gentle biscuit malts, fresh Hersbruker hops seduce the taste-buds educating and enlightening the palate. ABV 5.0% (MAIN)
14. Mauldons (Sudbury) - Do Octoberfest - A smooth, strong, bitter beer with a soft hoppy aroma that gives a lingering finish. ABV 5.0% (FB)

15. Naylors (Keighley) - October Ale - A three German hop blend of Perle, Magnum and Herkules. Using Munich malt to add a little sweetness to the brew. Sweet, bitter and spicy one of the best German blends to date. ABV 4.4% (FB)
16. Tickety Brew (Stalybridge) – Munchner – A Clear amber beer with a ginger coloured head. Crisp and malty brewed with noble German hops to give a light toffee aroma and a taste which is dry and spicy bitter. ABV 4.3% (MAIN)

Draft beer  (available at the Main Bar)
1. Flensburger Pils 4.0% Lager. A crisp, dry, hoppy pilsner style of beer typical of northern Germany. Light and easy to drink
2. Früh Kölsch 4.8% Lager. The appearance is like a Pilsner: pale straw-coloured and clear. The taste is delicate and refreshing, less bitter than a Pilsner, gently fruitier and a little sweeter, often with a delightful biscuityness.
3. Edelstoff 5.6% Lager.The Bavarian answer to a Czech pilsner but with a less tangy hop character, more balance and subtlety with a citrus fruit and floral-hop aroma
4. Erdinger Fest Weiss 5.7% Wheat Beer. A seasonal wheat beer brewed for the town of Erding's Herbstfestes, their version of Oktoberfest. A beefed-up version of their renowned wheat beer
5. Kostritzer 4.8% Dark Beer. Subtle malt flavour and low hop bitterness, delightfully crisp and remarkably smooth in light of its dark colour
6. Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest 5.8% Amber. This amber-coloured Oktoberfest beer is slightly sweeter than the rest but still boasts a good earthy and spicy hop-kick alongside biscuity and toffee malts. Clean and refreshing, the Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfestbier is deservedly one of the greats.
Bottles (available from both the Main and Festival Bars)
1. Schlösser Alt 4.8% 50cl Dark. Alt beers are the traditional beers of the Düsseldorf region. They are lagers with a real malty character, typically a little darker than most lagers. Schlösser is a rich copper colour with a nutty, malty sweetness.
2. Jever Pilsner 4.9% 50cl Lager. The brewery's water is unusually pure and soft allowing more hops to be used and a bitter taste that distinguishes Jever from other pilseners
3. Flensburger Gold 4.8% 33cl Lager. A pale golden beer brewed like a pils with a good head, a full, soft and fresh taste and a pleasantly light yeasty bouquet.
4. Sion Kölsch 4.8% 50cl Lager. Delicate golden colour with a lovely white head and a honeyed hoppy aroma. The palate is dry and citric at first, with lime-like hints and maltiness far back.
5. Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier 5.5% 50cl Wheat Beer. Specifically cultivated, top-fermenting yeast give this beer its unmistakable character: sparklingly mild and fruity with a delicate yeast flavour. Paulaner is big on the flavours classically found in great German wheat beers; expect hints of clove, banana, maybe even bubblegum.
6. Schnieder Blondes 5.2% 50cl Hoppy Wheat Beer. Shiny golden wheat beer with a delicate white head. Full-bodied and sparkling with refreshing citrus and hoppy notes.
7. Maisels Weisse 5.4% 50cl Wheat Beer. Traditional weissbier made according to the old Bavarian style with the unmistakable character of the fine cellar yeast. 
8. Augustiner Hell 5.2% 50cl Lager. Hells (or Helles) simply means 'pale' in German and describes the malty, easy-to-drink beer that is lovingly referred to as 'liquid bread'
9. Spaten Oktoberfest 5.9% 50cl Lager. Spaten’s Oktoberfestbier pours a sparkling deep golden colour with a huge fluffy head. Soft caramel and bready malts are accompanied by grassy hops in this clean and crisp beer that was introduced in 1872.
10. Löwenbräu Oktoberfest 6.1% 50cl Lager. Fruity, fresh and the base of expectations for an Oktoberfestbier. Served at every Oktoberfest since 1810, Löwenbräu’s Oktoberfestbier is light-bodied and golden. Lightly sweet and moderately bitter, this refreshing beer is still brewed in the traditional Bavarian methods.
11. Schlenkerla Märzen 5.1% 50cl Speciality/Smoked. This classic Bamberg beer is something a little different. The malt is smoked over beechwood fires which lends a smoky almost bacony character to the beer. Not everyone likes this beer but those who do like it love it. If you’ve never tried it before get a bottle to share between friends; you might not like it but it might just change the way you think about beer forever!
12. Schlenkerla Lager 4.3% 50cl Speciality Lager. Its subtle smokiness without using smoke malt makes “Helles Schlenkerla Lager” a unique representative of the classic lager beer style “Bavarian Helles”.
13. Hofbrau Dunkel 5.5% 50cl Dark Wheat Beer. Deep copper mahogany colour. Aromas of honey toasted biscuit and chestnuts with dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body. Refreshing and balance with great grain character.
14. Hofbrau Oktoberfest 6.3% 50cl Lager. Golden in colour and sparkling clear, Hofbräu’s Oktoberfestbier has notes of grainy bread, some lemon, and spritzy hops
15. Schneider Grünes 6.2% 50cl Wheat Beer. A shiny-brass coloured organic wheat beer, an aroma of hops and citrus with a spicy note perfectly balances the malty character. Refreshing and full-bodied at the same time.
16. Schnieder Hopfen Weiss 8.2% 50cl Dark Wheat Beer. Hoppy fireworks – a new wheat beer style. Shiny golden, slightly reddish strong wheat doppelbock. An exotic fruity sweetness meets with fireworks of hops which packs a hit at 8.2%.
17. Paulaner Salvator 7.9% 33cl Doppelbock. The clear body is a deep amber. Its aroma is full of sweet toffee. The flavour is full of malt, toffee, bread, and hints of coffee. It is wonderfully complex and one to be savoured.
18. Augustiner Oktoberfest 6.0% 50cl Lager. A stronger version of the Helles just for Oktoberfest. Malty, sweet and smooth with slight grassy hop finish. Easy drinking at 6%.
19. Brooklyn Oktoberfest 5.5% 355ml Lager. Brewed from the finest German malt and hops, Brooklyn Oktoberfest is true to the original style, full-bodied and malty, with a bready aroma and light, brisk hop bitterness.
20. Flying Dog Dogtoberfest 5.6% 355ml Lager. In typical American fashion, Flying Dog have taken a classic Märzen style lager and morphed it something new entirely. A hazy, copper-coloured lager that is malty at first with a spicy bitterness from the hops. 

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