Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Like Customer Service - but This Was Not It

People who know me know I am a fairly laid back chap, and do not often get annoyed, especially so when I am in a pub and see a couple of 'ticks' on the bar. But yesterday, in a certain pub in Halifax I think I came across the worst example of customer service I have ever encountered.

Let me set the scene. It was 2.30pm, the pub has about 8 handpumps on the bar,  2 of which were new to me, and no customers. There was a young girl behind the bar, I assumed she was the barmaid. When she had stopped texting and noticed me, she very politely asked what I wanted. I pointed out the required beers, but for some reason one had an upside down pump clip

She started pulling my halves but just got water. She goes off and returns with a bucket and starts pulling the water through the pumps. Ok so far, except I would have expected this to have been done before opening. I mentioned the inverted pump clip. 'Oh I don't know, I will have to ask'. Cue a phone call, out of my hearing. She then wandered off to the cellar. And after a couple of minutes returned and carried on pulling.

All seemed well, and beer started coming out of the pumps. 'I think the gas has gone'. Even though the beer seemed to be coming out of the pump without any particular problem.  Cue next call. And another trip to the cellar.

I was then joined by a very cheery chappie. He stood around for a second or two and started rapping his nails on the bar. After a minute or so I was getting irritated and said the girl was in the cellar. Off he went to the cellar, and there was a discussion at the top of the stairs about a delivery he was making, and a barrel he had to collect.

The girl reappeared. I assumed, wrongly, to serve me. No,back on the phone, another conversation, this time about the missing barrel. Information imparted, the girl then started a long discussion with him about more irrelevant trivia. The customer being completely overlooked. I asked what was happening with my beer. 'Oh, sorry its run off.'.

This was my tipping point. A frank interchange of ideas with her, and the drayman, and I left. 17 minutes after going in, with no beer. I dread to think if two customers went in the place at the same time. But I can understand why I was the only customer in the place, and it will be a very long time before I call in again.

Just goes to prove that it may take years to build a pubs reputation, but less than 30 minutes to destroy it.,

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