Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Leggers Inn festival review

The Leggers Inn
The Leggers at Dewsbury has not held a beer festival for a few years and so it was with eager anticipation that I made my way to the pub at the Savile Town Wharf canal basin at Dewsbury on a sunny lunch time at the end of August. 
The pub occupies the hayloft above former stables that housed the working horses that pulled barges along the Calder & Hebble Navigation before the advent of 2 stroke engines. It takes its name from the term describing the men who used to take the boats through the narrow Pennine tunnels by lying on their backs and pushing against the wall with their feet. The area has rather become a picture postcard scene hosting a multitude of colourful barges following sympathetic renovation with due regard for the heritage of its past. The recent enhancement of the extensive outdoor drinking area was the final piece in the jigsaw, and now ensures that Leggers is now not only a beer drinker’s paradise but also a perfect destination for boaters, cyclists and walkers.

Long time licensee John Smithson used his skill and experience to gather a wide range of beers of different styles from several sources. His choice included long time favourites from well established breweries such as Batemans, Woodforde’s and Adnams, Orkney and nearby Clark’s plus a selection from newer breweries including Wilson Potter (Middleton), Melwood (Merseyside) and Brighton (East Sussex). Newer Yorkshire breweries were well represented by exciting beers fromBlue Bee and Stancill (both Sheffield), Chantry (Rotherham) and the very new local Small World Brewery from Shelley.

All the beers tried were in tip top condition at ideal temperature. I cannot wait for the next one. In the meantime I must visit the pub more often!

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