Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yorkshire takes Camra Beer of Britain 2014 Award

The votes came in yesterday for the 'Champion Beer Of Britain 2014' at the Camra Great British Beer Festival, and it was a Yorkshire beer that came out on top. Timmy Taylors 'Boltmaker' took the crown.

Surprised? You bet I was. 'Boltmaker' is the old Taylors Best. I must admit it is not my favourite beer, in fact it is not even my favourite Taylors beer, but there again, what do I know ? (don't answer that !!)

I scanned the full list in the hope of finding some other representative of Gods own county, eventually I found Saltaire 'Triple Chocoholic' as winner of the Speciality Beer Category. That will please a mate from the north east, but sadly it does little for me.

My attention was drawn to the Golden Ales category, with Oakham 'Citra', Hawkshead 'Cumbrian Five Hop' and Salopian 'Hop Twister' all represented, and all decent beers in my humble opinion. And Offbeat 'Way Out Wheat' took silver in the Speciality category - another personal favourite.

So there you have it. A brief overview of the winners. Very few would have made it anywhere near my favourite beer list, but as we all know beer drinking is a personal thing. All I can hope for is some of my choices to be recogonised next year.

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