Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Time to Calypso!!

Before I start I must apologise for not posting much recently, due to a couple of reasons ,one technical, one personal. The former being a nasty computer glitch which has taken some sorting out, and the second being a lack of interesting beery things to pass on to you. Hopefully both have been resolved and normal service will be resumed. Tim.

Despite the above comment I have discovered a new(ish) hop which has tickled my taste buds as much as my old favourites. I have previously waxed lyrical over Citra, (but recent brews with citra seem a bit thin in my opnion), and Mosaic, (which I still consider the best of current hops - and some single hopped mosaic beers have been the best beers I have ever tasted). The new kid on the block is Calypso.

Calypso is a hop developed from the Nugget variety of hop, which I have never really found too interesting, a plodder rather than a front runner. Calypso is certainly a front runner - almost the Usain Bolt of hop! It has a high alpha acid content between 12-15% and has all the bitterness that this brings to the beer, but it is the background flavours that make it stand out.

It has a slightly earthy background, but  balanced with a complex fruitiness with hints of pear, melon and citrus fruits to give a really well balanced taste that is ideal for summer. It does need a certain strength to out the better flavours but only in the 4% range.

But don't take my word for it - find it yourself and check it out.

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