Thursday, August 21, 2014

Like the Old Days

Before you read this, let me confirm I have not lost my marbles !

Last weekend I was talking to Ken, you know Ken, everyone knows Ken, and he told me that he had been in Sheffield in a Sam Smiths pub drinking a new Smiths draught beer. Well, never been one to resist a challenge I set out to check it out in Huddersfield. This was the reason for me ending up where I ended up, and the other, more important reason was that it was hosing down and I was stranded without a jacket.

Yes I am talking about the Commercial on New St. I did not find the beer I was looking for, but there were 4 handpulls all serving 'Old Brewery Bitter'and several other pumps serving keg versions of their other beers, including a couple of different Smiths lagers. The cask came in at less than £2 a pint, (my half cost 90p) and was not a bad beer. But what really surprised me was how busy the place was.

I had wandered around town a bit and called in various pubs. Mostly there were a sprinkling of drinkers in them, some were busier but they were concentrating on serving food rather than beer. The Commercial was rammed, I struggled to find somewhere to sit and people watch.

It brought my thinking round to the old days. This was how I remember pubs from my youth. Lots of middle aged and older men, sitting around, chewing the fat with their mates and shifting gallons of beer. It was a proper pub. No pretensions, just lots of chat. I could overhear conversations on many and varied topics.Football, Politics, The inefficient local council, and so on. There was background music, but unobtrusive.

So if you have a desire to hark back into the past and want to while away a few minutes, call in. It is not the best beer in town, not the best pub either, but it is somewhere I will call in again. Just for the craic, which is what I think a pub is all about. And a chance to keep dry !! 


Curmudgeon said...

Absolutely! This is something I've remarked on myself in relation to the Boar's Head on Stockport Market Place. As you say, may not be the best beer in town, may not be the best pub, but may well be the best atmosphere.

And, while value for money is obviously an important factor, older drinkers also gravitate there because it's somewhere they feel at home.

Johnnie Lustoza said...

That was a great read. Love them all. Cheers