Thursday, July 24, 2014

Star Festival Review

Yesterday saw the start of one of the year's 'must visit' events, no not the Commonwealth Games but the 'Star Summer Festival' (the Folly Fest). The weather played its part, being warm and sunny for a change, as the queue outside basked in the heat waiting for the doors to open.

The layout was the tried and tested one used for previous festivals and I will not recap here but suffice to say that there are 46 beers in the outside marquee to sample. So sample I did.

My system at the festival is to sweep up as many new breweries as I can on the first evening, along with those beers I expect to run off quickly, and believe me, in the time I had available this was something of a challenge. This year there are a lot of beers from the South West, many of which are new to that area, with a scattering from Wales, Norfolk, Lancashire and the Midlands. 

After starting locally with the two Mallinsons offerings  'Trot On' and 'Hop Blending Bar Steward' and the Briggs 'Symphony no2', another light hoppy and well crafted beer it was time to see what the new boys had to offer. New Lion 'Mane Event' was a little average but their 'Pandit IPA' hit the spot for a stronger beer. I was impressed by the hoppy 'Kia Kaha' from Cwrw Lal, and the Big Clock 'Dirty Blonde' but my choice of Malmesbury 'Day Star' divided opinion. I did not care for it at all, but those who obviously have better taste than me were quite impressed.

My last choice was a porter from Grey Trees of Aberdare, a pleasant antidote to the light hoppy beers I had been sampling previously. Anyway time overtook me - so I will have to revisit tonight and try a few more. Those that look interesting are Tickety Brew 'Jasmine Green Tea', Shiny 'Silver Man' (a wheat beer) and Hamelsworde 'Early Bird' - with elderflowers, not to mention some rarer breweries. And I need to sample what someone told me was the beer of the festival, Glentworth's 'Dream Ticket' - I will let you know.

The festival runs from 5pm Thursday, then all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so add it to your list for the weekend, I am sure you will not be disappointed.  

Ps Sorry no pics - so warm I forgot to take my jacket, which has my camera in it !!

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Cwrw Ial said...

Lovely to read you enjoyed our 'hop bomb' Kia Kaha! Great review and happy blogging to you. Best Wishes Cwrw Ial Brewery Sales team.