Monday, May 26, 2014

Remember Yakima Grande - its coming back

With thanks to Tandleman's beer blog for bringing this to my attention - I thought our readers deserved to be advised as well.

Many years ago, in those dark days before brewers discovered hops, one of the forefront of brewers was Brendan Dobbin and his West Coast brewery in Manchester. He brewed some damned fine beers, as some of our more aged drinkers may recall. In fact I was so impressed with his beers that I made a pilgrimage to the brewery tap in the wilds of Greater Manchester to sample them all. I was not disappointed.

His flagship beer was 'Yakima Grande Pale Ale'. Not strong by current tastes, weighing in around 5% but packed with US hops from the Yakima Valley and bursting with flavour. It may be that this was the beer that started my passion for hops so it has a lot to answer for !! 

Brendan has teamed up with Conwy brewery in North Wales to recreate the beer, using the original yeast, and brewed to the original recipe. It is hoped to around in pubs at the end of June.

It seems that initial production may be concentrated on its previous heartland in Manchester and the surrounding area, but one can only hope that the odd barrel may make its way over the Pennines.If you see it, try it, and let me know so I can do too !!   


John Clarke said...

What will probably be the first two firkins are being delivered to Stockport Beer & Cider Festival tomorrow.

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Tandleman said...

You mean your readers don't read my blog. Why not?

Yours etc.

Shocked of Middleton, Manchester

Timbo said...

Glad you read ours as well !!

Timbo said...

Glad you read ours as well !!