Saturday, May 24, 2014

Navvy Festival - A Lincolshire treat

This weekend sees the summer festival at the Navigation at Mirfield, a place I usually try to fit into my years festivals list. It is a place that sources some interesting beers, and this one was no different with 30 odd beers sourced from Lincolnshire. This is a county dominated by a couple of larger breweries like Batemans and Newby Wyke, and the smaller breweries rarely make it across their border. Here was a chance to catch up with some of the less common ones.

The beers are all cellar cooled and served through handpulls and at £2.70 a pint for most of the list, was decent value for money. As usual, it was just a matter of where to start my adventure. Austendyke from Spadling were a new brewery for me and their 'Long Lane' was a traditional style bitter, good but it was what is said on the can. Likewise with 8 Sail 'Merry Miller', another traditional style beer - more malty than hoppy.

Sleaford 'Tropico' was a bit weird - it divided opinion on our table - dry and astringent to my taste; hoppy and pleasant to others. Then came Star 'Nebula' , 4.3% and very hoppy, my style of beer, and certainly the best beer so far. I was on a good run, as I followed this with 'Learning To Fly' from Tydd Steam which continued the hoppy theme.

There were four beers from Hopshackle brewery in Market Deeping, 'Zen' was a amber beer, tending towards the toffee malt rather than the hop, but not bad. 'Legacy' was 4.3% beer, which I found really pleasant and interesting - a blend of three English hops gave a flowery, herbal taste. Somewhat different to the other beers on offer.

Time was pressing and I wanted to try a couple of beers that looked interesting on the programme. Sleaford 'Hedgerow Gold' was a summer beer brewed with local honey and spices. Sounded a bit odd, and frankly the spices came through rather than the honey but it was a very quaffable beer. My swan song came from Hopshackle again. Their 'Black Mule' had been recommended by several people and the write up looked ok, a 'hybrid between an Imperial IPA and an Imperial porter'. Obviously dark but more like a black Ipa, but for a 7% dangerously drinkable, and very moreish, a good job it was time for my bus !!

Thanks must go to Derek and Kevin for another good festival, Just hope it all goes well, it deserves to,

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Ale Ambler said...

Thank you for the scouting mission, Tim. I really enjoyed The Navigation's Lincolnshire Festival.
I started light Sleaford Tropico (3.5%) which was pleasant, but the beer after it really surprised and pleased me, 8 Sail Merry Miller. Copper bitters are not normally my bag but this was a revelation to me. The nuttiness in the tasting notes came through.
Thereafter followed a tour of the 8 Sail range, with the Black Widow dark ruby mild (5.5%), being the pick of their beers that I tried.
I found Sleaford's Screaming Eagle Stout (4%)interesting & puzzling.
It looked like a mild toward the bottom of the glass but tasted winey, with US hops came through. Odd but not dull or bad, just different.
I saved the strongest and best beer for last, Hopshackle Black Mule (7%). A brilliant end to a wondeful pub festival.
Finally, I always like to praise good service, and Derrick was a mine of information behind the bar, providing tasting notes & tasters when I dithered over my choices.
Thanks to him, Kevin & staff for putting on another excellent event.