Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ilkley Brewery reaches its 1000th gyle

Yesterday  I called in a pub I very rarely visit, the revamped 'Warehouse' on Zetland St at the bottom of town. I had heard they had a couple of cask beers on but I was not prepared for what was there. On the bar were a couple of Ilkley beers, their 'Fireside Porter' and the one I went for,'Mash Tonne'.

I chose it as a new beer before I read the pump clip which advised me that it was the brewery's 1000 th gyle. Getting better then, a one off special. I read further. It was a tea infused, blackberry brown beer. Ah, a bit weird then ! I settled down to taste it. It was a brown ale certainly, and it certainly had a taste of blackberries, I must admit that I did not get the tea flavour, maybe the blackberry overpowered it a bit, or maybe brown ales are a little robust for the taste of tea.

It was time to check out the website and see what the brewery had to say about it. I am impressed by the Ilkley website and the information there was just what I wanted. It confirmed that there was a cold infusion of Darjeeling tea in the beer, and fresh black berries, along with a quintet of hops - Northdown,and admiral from the UK, and from America the hops, Bravo, Mosaic, and Nugget. 

I will admit it was an interesting experiment - but just not for me sadly.    

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Jibber said...

Just not your cup of tea, eh, Timbo ;)