Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fancy a brew, punslinger?

Scenario: seven strangers mosey into town. They all have different skills but share a common purpose.
The saloon door swings open, they file in one by one, the music stops and the piano player looks uneasy...
And now you see why I never made it as a screen writer - two many cliches, not enough substance!
There is a rather laboured point to all this.
The Rat and Ratchet on Chapel Hill, Huddersfield, is hosting a beer festival at the end of April. The unique selling point is that there is a lottery to be one of The Ratnificent 7. The prize is to brew a beer with the award-winning Rat Brewery.
The brewery, who recently won a bronze at SIBA Beer X for its much lauded White Rat, will pull seven names out of a (cowboy) hat for a collaborative brew during the festival on Saturday, April 26.
You can enter via twitter @ratandratchet or via Facebook:
Radio 2 drive-time chef Nigel Barden presenting SIBA bronze

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