Thursday, March 20, 2014

Battle of the bloggers: Round One

A respected elder statesman of this blog has forbidden me from writing about a certain musical theme at The Star's Spring Beer Festival
So even though I went down to The River (Colne) yesterday I must concentrate solely on the opening night beers I had.
'No wedding day smiles, no walk down the ailse' just hops, malt, yeast and water. 
As the newbie round here, I suppose I better do as I'm told. 
I started with a 3.8% beer with no musical reference at all, Spring-Steen: A Brucy Bonus, which I understand to be Mallinsons homage to the Strictly compere.

Next up was a trip to the main bar where The Boss laid down some ground rules about blogging on arguably the best pub beer fest in the land - you know, the one which draws people from the likes of Southampton, Yeovil, Hull and the beer capital of Sheffield. I was directed by Timbo to sample Glentworth's American Hero 4.4%, which seemed somewhat removed from a beer about Britain's premier light entertainer. But I drank it and enjoyed it.
Next I had a marquee beer which I understand to be dedicated to a 1937 Marx Brothers film, A Day at the Races. It's a 3.9% beer brewed by Five Towns Brewery and is presumably to be quaffed at Cheltenham, Aintree or Ascot, depending on the state of the racing calendar. 
Afterwards came my beer of the night, Symphony#1 by Briggs Signature Ales. It was a fine orchestration of dry hopping. The base beer was Briggs' second offering Brass, but it was dry hopped with Citra and nelson sauvin.  A perfect blend of America, New Zealand and Lockwood. 

I could have drunk this 4.4% beer again and again but as it was a festival, I had to continue on my Yorkshire beers opening night theme. 
Given that the Mallinsons beers don't tend to last long at this fest I went for their second ale, Highly Sprung, 4.4%. I preferred it to the lighter Spring-Steen.
By now time was running short and I hadn't had a dark beer, so Brew Company's Ice Ice Baby was my final choice. It's a 4.3% oat stout made with Madagascan vanilla pods. 
Now, we've discussed the dos and don'ts of beer flavourings many times on this blog, but this was the right side of the subtle/cloying line. 
And so ended a fine three-hours down Albert Street, and I haven't even started on a host of new breweries yet. Well, there are still four days left!
All in all I think I've adhered admirably to Tim's rules and haven't buckled under pressure despite the raft of music pun hopportunities!

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