Thursday, February 13, 2014

'spoons gets crafty

Our local Wetherspoons (The Punch Bowl, Blossom Street, York - if any one wonders where we have been hiding lately), is removing Stowford Press cider and replacing it with 2 shiny new keg fonts for the dispense of craft beer. 

Initially this will be supplied by Revisionist (ok, Marstons, Having enjoyed the Marstons "single hop" range, we will be looking out for the new offering, especially to see what sort of price Wetherspoons opt for with its craft/keg range!


Cooking Lager said...

I spotted a craft keg in a John Barras PubCo pub in Liverpool. Or at least chilled hoppy pale ale. Ship something or other it was called. Nicer than the usual grot in there.

Craft keg to the mainstream.....

Ale Ambler said...

It's great to see both of you posting on the blog again.
The web figures have shot up since you put your 'Spoons craft beers post up.
I have tweeted a link to your Marston's Revisionist post just now.
Cheers from 'newbie!'
Ale Ambler.
Ps thank you for you comment on the 'West Riding is 20' piece.

The Ale Louse said...

You're right the pricing will be very interesting. Can't see this happening at all spoons but will be looking out here in Lower Scuttledale.

Anonymous said...

Beer arrived on the fonts tonight, Revisionist Craft Lager(4%) and Shipyard (of Portland, Oregon - brewed at Marstons) American Pale (4.5%). Enthusiastic staff (who are all about 30 years younger than me) offered tasters to anyone interested, and others turned up on their day off to sample them. The price? £2.65 a pint.