Friday, February 14, 2014

Another new Huddersfield Brewery

This is a test to see if you lot actually read what is on 'A Swift One'. If you do, you are no doubt (or may be have even already done it) girding your loins, getting the wet weather gear out, and heading down to this weekend's festival at The White Cross at Bradley. Ey, what, has Timbo finally lost the plot I hear you say .Nay - I said - do you read our posts properly ? Did you see 'Ale Ambler's' beer list for the above festival ? Yes you say. But did you read it properly, I say ? (anyway enough of this Dickensian nonsense)

If you did you may have noticed a brewery called 'Lower Quarry' and a beer called 'Bradley Dark'. For those in the know, Lower Quarry Road is just at the back of the White Cross - hence the brewery name; Bradley is the area of Huddersfield where Lower Quarry Rd is situated, hence 'Bradley Dark'. It all makes sense now doesn't it.

I took a trip down today to sample it - unfortunately my photos did not do it justice - but it was a very drinkable dark beer, with a decent malty background and enough strength to give it some body. Not a session beer but a beer to be treated with a certain amount of respect. And a pretty good beer for the first one out of the brewery.

I have no details of the brewery at all - but if it continues to brew beer of the quality of this one it should be a welcome addition to the local brewing scene, and it makes a change to find a brewery on the northern side of town. We will keep you posted. 


Ale Ambler said...

Well spotted, Tim, unlike that bloke who previewed the beer list & missed it!!

Jibber said...

I do read 'a swift one' but I have to admit, not as much as I did. The reason? Well I always thought that it was 'mostly' from Huddersfield, but sadly there's about the same amount from Sheffield these days. Granted, it's a decent city beer-wise, but if I want information on Sheffield, I'll go to a Sheffield-centric website.

Keep up the good work, Timbo. Your mates seems to have lost the plot.

Timbo said...

Jibber - whilst accepting what you say, the editiorial team took a decision around 12 months ago to broaden the base of 'A Swift One', and inject some new blood into the writing. This has lead to the focus of the blog moving away from being primarily based in Huddersfield. Of course we try to cover as many local issues as possible but we hope that our wider approach gives readers a taste of what is occurring elsewhere and suggestions as to other places to drink. I refute your final comment though - 'my mates have not lost the plot' they are just broadening our outlook. Sorry if its not to your taste.

Ale Ambler said...

Hi Jibber, thank you for commenting as always.
I'm sorry you don't approve of my Sheffield posts.
As Tim said, we decided to extend the borders of 'A Swift One' last Spring.
Hence posts from South Yorkshire, where I'm from.
In the past few days we've posted about 'Spoons doing craft beer in York & the opening of Doncaster Brewery Tap.
If the Internet stats are to be believed then these two 'out of patch' posts have proved very popular.
But if they are not to your taste, then please bear with us, as I'll be back drinking in Hudds most weekends from mid April.
So I guess, I'll be 'losing the plot' less often!
Cheers & please keep the comments coming, good or bad.
Ale Ambler

Jibber said...

Fair comments. If the decision has been taken to expand the remit of 'a swift one' then posts from other towns (and indeed other counties)are to be expected.

But I have always thought that this blog's USP was its Huddersfield-centric approach (or perhaps Kirklees-centric would be more apt)with the odd pub crawl reports from various other places. By removing this focus, there's a risk that it becomes just like any other of the myriad beer blogs available.

I can however understand why its like this. Contributors are simply posting from the towns that they happen to be living in, so it's bound to lead to a slightly unbalanced mix.

Anyhow, I'm off to the Old Gate in Hebden Bridge to 'lose the plot' with some Arbour and Anarchy beers which have recently appeared on the bar!

Ale Ambler said...

No worries, Jibber. There's a Hudds post currently at the top of the blog about The Dusty Miller in Longwood.
Hope you enjoyed your Arbor and Anarchy.
Ale Ambler