Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spreading the beer gospel on't radio

The Hum released February 17. Image c/o O'Hooley and Tidow
Folk duo O'Hooley and Tidow have once again been spreading the real ale gospel on the airwaves.
Regular aswiftone.com readers will recall how their Summat's Brewin' song - an ode to real ale in Huddersfield - was previewed on Radio 2 in November.
Well, on Sunday night the musicians had a showcase on Radio Leeds where they talked about their forthcoming album, The Hum, which features that new beer anthem.
They also played a Ewan MacColl cover and talked about collaborating with former Chumbawamba guitarist Boff Whalley. 
Then Belinda and Heidi discussed that song which name-checks plenty of brewers we write about on this blog.
Summats' Brewin' lyrics mention local brewers Mallinsons, Milltown, Magic RockSportsman, Riverhead and Summer Wine.
Radio hosts The Dubervilles asked them how the song came about.
O'Hooley and Tidow replied: "We are very interested in real ale. We've done a lot of research - lots. We found that Yorkshire, and Huddersfield in particular, seems to be a hub of the new real ale revolution.
"People are rejecting corporate, kind of bland tasting lagers. In replacement they are going for these really lovely craft ales.
"One of our favourites, actually is brewed by two women, Mallinsons - we are not under commission or anything, there are other beers!
"We just thought there just really had to be a song written about this."
You can listen to the whole show for the next few days here:
The Summats' Brewin' section starts at 44m 52secs. But the The Ewan MacColl cover about the navvies building the M1, Just a Note, is also well worth a listen at 19m 45secs.
It too features on the The Hum, which will be realeased on February 17.
The album launch is at Marsden Mechanics Hall on March 8.
And keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming video of Summat's Brewin', which was shot on location at nearby Riverhead Brewery in Marsden.

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