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Some good news about Hudds ale

Movers and shakers - O'Hooley & Tidow
UPDATED with interview & working link for mobile users:
Yesterday we brought you bleak news about the fate of some pubs in Paddock, Huddersfield.
When I read Tim's lament on pub closures it was a 'oh no, not again' moment.
However, to sugar that bitter pill, let me tell you some good news.
Yesterday a music video, which is a boon to Huddersfield's beer scene, was posted on the Internet.
Regular readers will know that folk artists O'Hooley & Tidow have recorded an ode to real ale in Hudds called Summat's Brewin' for their forthcoming album The Hum.
Well we now have some moving pictures to go with that fine song.
And anyone who has done any drinking in Huddersfield will recognise one or two faces!
Belinda O'Hooley has kindly been in touch this afternoon for a mini email interview.
Ale Ambler: Please can you tell me about the making of the video?
Belinda: We were inspired to write the song after reading an article in the Huddersfield Examiner about the rise of micro-breweries in Huddersfield - some of which are run by women. We decided to research this and interviewed Tara & Elaine of Mallinsons Brewery in Lockwood, and Lisa at The Riverhead Brewery Tap, Marsden and Sam Smith at The Sportsman pub in town.
We also filmed at The Hand Drawn Monkey in town.
We are absolutely mad about real ale, so it wasn't difficult to write a song about one of our favourite things in life. We enjoyed making the video as we are so proud of Huddersfield which we think is a brilliant place to live.
We hope we have managed to reflect the spirit, strength and resilience of the people of Huddersfield despite the economic downturn. There is a real sense of community in Huddersfield, people coming together and wanting to celebrate beer made the proper way, without cutting corners - which is one of the things that makes Huddersfield great.
O'Hooley & Tidow are on a nationwide tour now 
Ale Ambler: The opening part of the video, where where was that shot, please? It looks like Marsden/Cupwith area to me?
Belinda: It is. We parked the car off Rochdale Road and walked past Cupwith Reservoir to the stone chair, where we tried to find the best spot, away from Sunday ramblers, so that we could set up the camera and play the song without attracting too much attention. However, throughout the filming we had people walking past enquiring what we were up to...
Ale Ambler: You showcased a lot of Huddersfield brewers in your video, have you had any feedback from them yet, please? And are you on free pints for life?!
Belinda: The video was aired yesterday for the first time and we received a message from Tara at Mallinsons Brewery saying that they loved the video and that she listens to our album in the delivery van and sings Summat's Brewin' at the top of her voice. 
 Also, Sam Smith (landlady at The Sportsman) loves the video and has called it The Huddersfield Beer Anthem. Sam is busy sharing the video, plus playing the album in The Sportsman. She has attracted extra attention from some of the male viewers of the video (for her pint-pulling skills I think). 
Lisa from the Riverhead Brewery Tap was trying to watch it on her phone yesterday but couldn't, so we've posted a mobile friendly version on YouTube for all you non-Luddites out there with your smart phones. *(see footnote)
Ale Ambler: I gather you've had more national radio exposure this week, what can you tell me about that, please?
Belinda: Yes we have. Lauren Laverne from BBC 6 Music played a song from The Hum yesterday as her 'headphone moment'. She tweeted that she loves the album, and after the track Kitsune was played, many people were tweeting about it and saying that Heidi (Tidow) sounds like a folk Tracey Thorn, which she's chuffed to bits about. 
Mark Radcliffe, on BBC Radio 2, has played Summat's Brewin' on his show already as well as two other tracks from The Hum. He has invited us into the studio to do a live session on Wednesday, February 26. Who knows, we might play the beer song live on Radio 2!
Ale Ambler: Finally, congratulations on the fine song and video. 
Belinda: Thanks very much and cheers! We would love it if people shared the video and got in touch with CAMRA, who up to now, seem unaware of the song. We would love it if it became the official Huddersfield Beer Anthem and something really positive for the people of Huddersfield. Thanks to everyone who has played a part in making the video and also making Huddersfield the real-ale capital of Britain!
Album out February 17. Pre-order:
Like Lisa Handforth, head brewer at Riverhead, I had difficulty viewing the Summat's Brewin' video on my phone. I apologise to mobile users for the 'artistic' use of white space they experience while viewing this post on their phones.
Here is a YouTube link to the mobile friendly version of the video:
Below should an embedded video for desktop users.
Either way, please enjoy this brilliant showcase for West Yorkshire's premier brewing (boom) town.
Please scroll down our blog roll for earlier posts on Summat's Brewin', and read more about it here: 
The Hum album launch is at Marden Mechanics on Saturday, March 8. The gig starts at 8pm. Tickets cost £10 and are available from Mikron.


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