Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ossett Brewery goes World Cup Crazy

Firstly may I apologise for not blogging recently due to a fault with my internet connection, which is now, hopefully, corrected and I am back in the cybersphere (if thats a word !)

Whilst I was away I came across the first of the Ossett brewery 'World Cup Of Hops' beers. And pretty decent it was too.

Let me explain. This year to celebrate the Football World Cup, Paul Spencer, the Ossett head brewer has decided to produce a range of beers, using the same background pale malt base, and the same strength. All are 4% but each month a new beer will appear utilising a different hop, each one coming from a country playing in the finals.

So we can await Junga from Poland, Aramis from France, and Amethyst from the Czech Republic, amongst a collection of nine different beers. The first one up, was the fairly new Australian hop Galaxy. It was a very drinkable beer, as I said, light coloured with a subtle malt background to showcase the bitterness of Galaxy, and bring out its fruitiness, with hints of passionfruit. 

The beers will be widely available, throughout the brewery's wide estate, and I have also come across Galaxy in the free trade. Just as an aside, is the choice of Endeavour a tongue in cheek choice of hop for England, especially since it is listed for November - at least four months after the event finishes !! 


Paul said...

Hi Tim,

The Endeavour is scheduled for November so that I can use the freshly harvested 2014 crop hops.

Paul (Ossett Brewery Head Brewer)

Ale Ambler said...

That's uncanny, Tim.
I had the Galaxy at The Wills O' Nats in Meltham on Saturday and was about to blog about it and the pub. But you beat me to it!
Apologies for not making it down to The Star on Saturday. I walked over to The Sair at Linthwaite and then made the long trip home.
I'll post about the country pubs of Hudds either later today or more likely tomorrow.
Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Ossett have not restricted themselves to nations who qualified for the finals. Just as well really. New Zealand are so much better at growing hops than they are at kicking a football around.

For the record the Poles, the Slovenians and the Czechs also missed out this time round.

Brewers Gold is a strange choice of hop to represent Germany. I understand that a lot of Brewers is grown in Germany these days; but the variety originated in Britain (in 1919 according to t'interweb).

Tim the younger

Anonymous said...

A great beer - one of the most enjoyable Ossetts for a while. Can't wait for the next!

Ale Ambler said...

Well spotted, Tim the younger.
Although Ecuadorian hops would have been a new one on me!